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ZODIAQ is a project which has its own bank and also has a SWIFT code and a license to open accounts and conduct any operations which include keeping accounts, making transfers both in crypto and in fiat currencies, as well as its own crypto exchange.

This is a project that would implement its own flexible platform. The main goal of ZODIAQ is to provide a ready solution to other players in the banking sector, implementation thereof will require minimal resources and it will lead to a significant network effect.

The ZODIAQ platform will have a technological and legal integration, and it will be able to connect a new player cheaper and faster.

The use of the technology of blocking in the basis of the system will increase the confidence in the service. This technology operates without centralized management, therefore, it is not affected by the cost and timing of transactions.

The strategic goal of ZODIAQ is to create a new financial infrastructure that will replace classical banks as a managing service for execution of transactions between the counterparties. By ensuring a decentralized storage of data inside the ZODIAQ, the platform will increase the level of protection of any data significantly. In the long term, with the development of the platform infrastructure and offices in different locations, blockchain of the technology, as well as promising cloud solutions, including quantum clouds, will be used as basic IT and telecom infrastructure.

Due to a widely developed infrastructure of relations with a large number of financial services and formation of its own foreign exchange reserves, a settlement and clearing service will be launched within the infrastructure units of the ZODIAQ system. This mechanism will allow instant cashless settlements in the local currency ZOD on any counter obligations between users and companies for goods sold and delivered to each other, financial instruments and services provided, based on offsetting mutual requirements and obligations within the ecosystem contour. This, in turn, creates an unconditional value of the technology and a demand for the internal currency of the system, thus strengthening its value.

ZODIAQ will be able to provide products in demand, therefore the market scope thereof may be estimated.

ZODIAQ strives to create a flexible platform based on an open API that allows taking advantage of blockchain technology, creating an ecosystem of interrelations between banks, sellers of the goods and services, consumers, fintech companies and regulators, becoming a key link in daily transactions.

In Using this platform, the users would be able to conduct transactions almost instantly, and configure their own end applications and services without creating an infrastructure, establishing integration with legislation, formalizing interaction with payment services in every new country and every new bank from the very beginning. Since the platform has already had technological and legal integration, it can connect a new player cheaper and faster.

ZODIAQ stipulates improving security requirements that introduce strong customer authentication (SCA) with online access to the account, transfer of an electronic transfer order, and ensures specific security requirements for the channels used to transmit data of the user.

ZODIAQ platform, through an open API interface, it would ensure the data exchange with external information systems, and provides them with various ready-made services.

The ZODIAQ system will also offer a wide range of banking services and exchange transactions for its customers.

Zodiaq Crypto-Currency Exchange, abbreviated ZodEX, is a part of Zodiaq project and is an important infrastructure element.

In the world today, there is a huge amount of data the cryptographic world and ZODIAQ is going to introduce an AI/deep learning technology.


Stage 1. Current state of the system

Ecosystem of a classic bank is the first stage of implementation of our project. In this ersion, all operational accounting will be implemented in a typical centralized banking information system (BIS). At the moment, the personal account of any bank user enables logging and performing the following typical actions:

creating accounts in fiat-currencies: USD and EUR
creating wallets: BTC and ETH
transfers in fiat-currency between users (P2P)
transfer in crypto-currencies between users (P2P)
crypto-fiat exchange p2p between users
purchase and sale of crypto-currency for the user
crediting and debiting fiat-currencies
crediting and debiting crypto
At the moment, the personal account of the bank user has already implemented the opportunity to register and perform the following typical actions:

Creation of accounts in USD and EUR
Creating wallets: BTC and ETH
Transfer in the currency between users (P2P)
Transfer in crypto-currencies between users (P2P) • Crypto-fiat P2P exchange between users.
Purchase and sale of crypto currency.
Deposit and withdrarwal of fiat currency.
Deposit and withdrarwal of crypto currency

Stage 2. Platform with API-connections

At the next stage of the project, ZODIAQ, following the provisions of the second payment directive of EU (PSD2), will unite representatives of the banking segment. Two key tools of the new platform: Payment Initiation Services Provider (PISP) and Account Information Service Providers (AISP), will be developed and introduced. Functions of API services are as follows:

drawing, certification and transfer of orders for transfer of funds;
data analysis and providing information on the client’s personal finances, recommendations for more effective management of savings, etc.;
providing information to third parties (for example, in order to assess the borrower’s solvency).
Using services of its own banking service, which will be actively developed at this stage, ZODIAQ will be one of the world’s first to perform operational testing of PSD2 formalized provisions and introduce new protocols.

Stage 3. Payment blockchain platform

The world’s banking system and, in particular, ZODIAQ team are seeking this option. At this stage of implementation, the core of the bank becomes digital and goes online. The bank becomes decentralized. As a result, any payment agents begin to communicate with each other. Blockchain-platforms, banks and payment services could be examples of such agents. At this stage, everything around the decentralized blockchain-platform is transformed into API channel. The core of the bank acquires tools for integration with any kinds of payment agents. In addition, both individuals and legal entities could be the clients of the platform. In the course of this implementation, the payment block-platform could replace SWIFT completely. However, it is clear that SWIFT will remain the biggest player in the financial market for a long time, so we can use it for integration as well.
Read more on whitepapaer: https://zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf


Servicing of retail and corporate clients is the business direction chosen by the ZODIAQ project team.Business units of our project will be as follows:


ZODIAQ system will offer a wide range of banking services and exchange transactions for its customers. Both private and corporate clients could pass a simple registration procedure on the platform site, followed by assignment of a unique, personal identification number of the client and access provided to the interface of the personal account with a wide range of functions. ZODIAQ system bank will enable opening a settlement account, both for an individual and a legal entity. We will provide a possibility of managing different accounts (individuals/legal entities) from one personal account.


Zodiaq Crypto-Currency Exchange, abbreviated ZodEX, is a part of Zodiaq project and is an important infrastructure element, ZODIAQ decided to create its own exchange. At the moment, there is a wide spread of prices on the operations with crypto-currency, which may reach 20% in some cases. ZODIAQ has developed an algorithm that takes exchange rates from 15 main exchanges, analyzes and offers the best price for the transaction.

hedge fund;

Hedge fund is an independent business, the main task thereof is to manage its own and attracted funds, in order to provide additional profitability. Forming its own crypto-fiat liquidity, the structure of ZODIAQ becomes an indispensable tool that can perform instant exchange transactions in cross-currency pairs within the system, in a few seconds. Hedge fund will manage these assets trying to increase them based on the fundamental principles of market analysis, capital management rules and management risk.

payment blockchain-platform;

The payment platform is implemented in two stages. At the first stage of implementation, our payment platform will be a bridge between existing banks and current payment services. As early as at this stage, ZODIAQ will be able to provide products in demand, market scope thereof may be estimated. For the second stage of implementation, ZODIAQ project will replace the banks, rather than simply become a payment platform. So, for the assessment one should consider the entire current world turnover of the banking sector.

Visit on website: https://zodiaq.io/



Similar to your habitual card. Easy and convenient- you can pay where ever you want and withdraw with ATMs .

You can choose wether your card operate with your fund from fiat or crypto account.

Switchable between them easily via moble or web application.


Function as a cold wallet to store cryptocurrency safely and conviniently. Non-contact NFS payment.

Bind your third parties bank card.

Receive payment as POS terminal including NFS transfer or fiat and cryptocurrencies among gadget.

The smart wallet is equipped with the e-ink screen, wifi, bloethooth and GSM module, and it is connectable to your PC or Mac by USB.

The function prototype already exists.


Our fully licensed and legal bank is the heart of our ecosystem. Its provided the following services:

~ Bank account both in fiat and cryprocurrencies

~ Deposit in fiat and cryprocurrencies

~ Instant money transfers

~ All the other traditional bank services

~ Visa/ Master card with BTC and other major of cryptocurrencies as the card currency


~ Intuitive and multifunctional trading terminal

~ All the major technical analysis options

~ A wide range of financial instrument

~ Instan deposits and withdrawal options including ZODIAC bank card

~ Hedging by trading the index of 10 major cryptocurrencies to avoid significant rate change of any specific pair


AI-based management system. Our Artifial Intelligence system uses big data analysis and deep machine learning. We have anatomized succesful strategis and scenarios to create wide range of investment options in cryptocurrencies and related market. For now, the trading algorithm is beeing tested on Poloniex Exchange, and it has performed more than 100% profit to the initial 20 days.


Similar to your habitual bank card. Easy and convenient- you can pay where ever you want and withdraw with ATMs .

You can choose wether your card operate with your fund from fiat or crypto account.

Switchable between them easily via moble or web application.


Tokens are issued on Ethereum platform (ERC20) and distributed in the course of ICO between the participants (customers), partners and consultants and team. The total issue of tokens is limited, and makes 300 million.

The concept of holding ICO, when ZOD token will be distributed, has a finite multi-stage phased order. The method of step-by-step attraction of financing has a number of advantages, both for the project and potential participants of the project. The following rounds with the following indicators have been scheduled:

Join to Pre-Sale Now: https://cabinet.zodiaq.io/registration
Hard cap is the total amount of required investment, which makes 104.719 million USD. Fees are fixed based on the total number of collected coins at the current exchange rate, in USD equivalent.
Soft cap is the minimum amount of attracted investment, which makes 1.5 million USD. If the amount of fees does not reach the minimum mark, all collected funds will be returned.



The starting price of one token is 0.1 USD. Since all the main items of project costs are accounted for in USD, it was resolved to link the token to USD. Token is a digital obligation to the services of ZODIAQ (Asset-backed tokens), which is the guarantor of the token conversion.

In the future, after all rounds of ICO, it is proposed to place quotes of the token on the crypto-currency exchanges. The turnover of tokens in the secondary market is not excluded after the first rounds.



Acquisition of the trust fund establishment of zodiaq blockchain corp financial institute:
acquisition of the trust fund;
opening an account in wells fargo;
receiving SWIFT, fatca and aml.

registration and obtaining a banking license;
development of personal cabinet;
crypto-currency wallets;
Internet bank.

Crypto-currency Zodiaq Exchange:
development of the bidding system interface;
launch of the exchange on test nodes.

Hedge Fund:
opening accounts and legal structuring;

development of infrastructure for storing, validating and accumulating stock exchange information:
formation and accumulation of a database of price data;
storage and accumulation of the base of fundamental news and indicators for further processing;
storage and processing of non-price information related to crypto-currencies and tokens;
development and backtesting of the investment strategy (smart beta);
development of the execution unit for the long-term investment strategy (Automated Long Term Investment System, ALTIS).

Payment system:
Integration with payment systems;
commencement of mutual settlements in cash through banks;
launch of mobile application Zodiaq Pay;
cross-border cash transfers.


obtaining SWIFT, FATCA, AML Certificate, etc.;
deployment of Automated Banking System (ABS) software;
authorization with payment systems and gateways;
development and launch of mobile bank Zodiaq Pay.

Crypto-currency Zodiaq Exchange:
launch of exchange in real mode on real nodes;
creation of legal infrastructure and opening accounts;
attestation at the regulator’s office;
integration with international payment systems;
adding new coins;
formation of own liquidity;
integration with mobile application Zodiaq Pay;
authorization with other exchanges;
application with open API.

Hedge Fund:
preparation and creation of Offering Memorandum;
SEC, compliance;
development and backtesting of the investment strategy (smart beta) with rebalancing once a month;
development of a group of short-term/medium-term strategies (AI-driven smart alpha);
training the neural network on the accumulated price and non-price data;
creation of infrastructure for execution of transactions;
development of HFT-ARB strategies;
development of ICO screening system.

Payment system:
expansion of service geography (Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia);
PCI DSS attestation;
launching a multi-currency plastic card;
development of software for processing payments and launching crypto-currency acquiring. ZODIAQ ECO System:
launching currency of the project;
withdrawal of the project currency to external exchanges;
formation of strategic partnerships;
launching tools for processing tokens;
development of own blockchain.

Financial indicators
The gross turnover of the system is 50,000,000 USD.
The number of the customer base is 500 000 users.
The revenue is 3,000,000 USD.


authorization of SWIFT/SEPA;
VISA/MC membership;
issue of cards;
development of an open API.

Currency Exchange:
increase of the working capital;
launching the decentralization module;
introduction of margin trading;
Authorization with other exchanges;
development of investment accounts;
expansion of service geography.

ZEST Foundation:
development of algorithms for bidding strategies;
invested strategies;
venture investing;
providing margin liquidity.

Payment system:
POS-terminals for receiving crypto-currencies in retail outlets;
installation of cryptonates;
launching of cross-border money transfers.

transfer of the system to its own blockchain;
connecting third-party banks to ZODIAQ platform;
SEC attestation;
legal structuring.

Financial indicators
The gross turnover of the system is 300,000,000 USD.
The number of the customer base is 10 000 000 users.
The revenue is 10,000,000 USD.


Oliver Kempkens: CEO
Aleksandr Gorbov: CVO, Co-Founder
Pavel Dmitriev: CMO, Co-Founder
Erik Shekhmametev: COO, Co-Founder
Vyacheslav Grachev: CTO
Ilya Churakov: Marketing Strategy Advisor


Website : https://www.zodiaq.io/
Whitepaper : https://zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZodiaqCorp/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zodiaq_io
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3411516.0
Medium : https://medium.com/zodiaq
Telegram : https://t.me/zodiaq_group

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